Entrepreneurial Innovation for Enterprises: a unique methodology for exceptional results

To remain successful in an ever-evolving commercial world, every enterprise needs to continually revise and innovate. To have internal processes which effectively generate insight into customer needs. So that new concepts can be formulated, new business can be acquired, and every endeavor is easily scaled.

Achieving this in both the short and the long term requires more than a consultancy report. It needs a culture of ongoing innovative entrepreneurship. Innovation Booster works hand-in-hand with your people to establish and embed this culture, so you are equipped at every level to both recognize and follow the path to best success. Long after we’ve left the building.

Perfectly tailored service

Of course, we’re not the only company offering services to steer heavyweight organizations to better efficiency and profitability. But we are unique in the scope, scalability and longevity our work achieves.

This is because we have developed an original comprehensive methodology, ‘Entrepreneurial Innovation for Enterprises’, which addresses relevance, feasibility and sustainability as it intertwines through every operational and strategic level. Completely tailored to exactly what your organization needs.

Agile through every detail

We see the road to innovation from a different perspective. Instead of thinking in terms of big projects with greater risks of failure, we think in terms of small steps and being agile. This allows us to organically discover your optimal course of action.

Our iterative way of working produces fast learning which enables swift change of direction whenever appropriate. Through repeated systematic experimentation, we produce a steady stream of data quantified evidence which is used to determine every next move.

Handing you control of your future

Innovation Booster makes sure the shared effort we put in to transforming your outlook benefits you long into the future. We don’t dictate instructions, but work collaboratively with you to embed an entrepreneurial mind-set within your corporate mind-set.

We are about harnessing organic behavior, not distributing advice. Our parting gift is not a consultancy report, but the legacy of a completely validated new way of working.

The best of all worlds

Based on the principles of The Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Agile, ‘Entrepreneurial Innovation for Enterprises’ combines Innovation Transformation and Business Innovation in one methodology. Bringing these characteristics together with those from other favored approaches such as Scrum and Service Design, it addresses every aspect that feeds in to unleashing your successful future.

‘Entrepreneurial Innovation for Enterprises’ is a build-measure-learn process which delivers rapid progress. Repeated short-cycle experimentation sees assumptions being conceptualized and tested, with the results of each cycle forming the basis for the next iteration. The result is a fully tailored emergent strategy based on validated concepts with proven future use.