Taking the risk out of groundbreaking innovation

Innovation. A word you hear and see everywhere. But what does it mean to you? Does it signify technical advances, developing new products and services, adopting different ways of working or remodeling business strategy?

To us at Innovation Booster, it’s all of these things. And more.

Our commercial world is continually evolving. Often in ways which disrupt entire industries. To remain relevant and competitive through this, businesses constantly need to innovate. Whether that means taking a different approach to product development and roll-out, making strategic shifts or changing employee mindsets. Either way, such bold actions don’t always come naturally to organizations whose responsibilities to employees and shareholders makes them inherently averse to risk.

This got us thinking:
What if you could explore “risky” opportunities and new solutions, without jeopardizing your security?  

We set out on a journey to enable mid to large enterprises, all over the world, to undergo the essential transformations needed to forge successful futures. With confidence in the wisdom of every move.

In doing this, we discovered we have a talent for seeing operations, industries and human behaviors from the perspectives that really matter. And a passion for guiding groundbreaking innovation, in a way that avoids any unnecessary risks. Because we base every decision on real-time evidence-based findings. And we never stop investigating the action-impact cycle and validating every next move.

How we do it

Our multi-faceted, experiment-based approach reveals everything there is to know about our clients’ industries, strategies and operations. As well as internal and customer behaviors. We use the information we gather to help realize whatever they want to achieve. Devising the strategies and roadmaps which pave the way for new products and services, which are successfully developed and rolled out by employees and leadership who possess an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset.

To effectively achieve this, we developed our own unique methodology, ‘Entrepreneurial Innovation for Enterprises’, which identifies necessary change and equips organizations to stimulate it. Our process of repeated short-cycle experimentation determines and validates every strategic turn. Ensuring behaviors, not words, lead the way forward.

Read about our ‘Entrepreneurial Innovation for Enterprises’ methodology here.

Why we do it

Despite, or maybe because of, the increasing integration of technology in everyone’s lives, our rapidly changing world is becoming less and less predictable. As people, planet and businesses, we are becoming less secure. Which means we need to pay more attention to how sustainable our situations and endeavours are. Not just in an environmental sense, but in terms of business strategy and operation.

Our disruptive age is ruthlessly punishing those with outdated models. At the same time as offering fantastic opportunities to enterprises who are willing and able to evolve fast enough. Following the curve is fast becoming a recipe for failure. The future lies in creating your own curve, which has to be closely aligned with society’s wants and needs.

The larger the organization, the more is at stake. Both in terms of vulnerabilities and the scale of opportunity to positively impact the world. At Innovation Booster, we know society wants this world to be a better place. Which is why we are committed to helping companies evolve in line with their clients’, customers’ and employees’ desires.

Unleashing your future. Together.