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Lunch time – Boost your working environment

By 11 October 2018 No Comments

“Spending my lunch break with colleagues … I hate that! What do I have to talk to them about?”. This is a frequently heard statement in many companies. Which is a shame, because sharing lunchtime with colleagues can result in many benefits.

In this article, I want to briefly sum up the benefits of a great lunch shared with colleagues!

Happy working environment

Lunchtime is a universal leveller. Every day millions of people around the world typically ask themselves “Who will I go to lunch with today? Or will I just keep on working for a while longer and have lunch on my own later?” In my opinion, those who go for the second option are missing out on a lot. Because sharing lunchtime with colleagues strengthens the sense of unity and leads to better internal relationships which, in turn, results in a happier working environment.

Keep sharing the knowledge

When colleagues are gathered around the informal setting of the lunch table, hierarchy is non-existent and employees from every role and level are involved. This allows everyone to learn from each other and find out what’s going on among other colleagues. Every individual’s trials, tribulations, ideas, efforts and triumphs become more visible in the overall ecosystem. And this knowledge can be beneficial in everyone’s daily work.

Once the ball has been set rolling around the lunch table, the door is open to ongoing ad-hoc exchanges which further strengthen relationships and can inspire ideas. When you encounter colleagues in the corridor or at the coffee machine, you can also use this opportunity to ask how things are going and whether there are any developments in the subject you were discussing so extensively during lunch. Both personal and professional matters can come into play.

Our lunch

At Innovation Booster, lunch is always at 12:00. Everyone in the office comes together and enjoys the experience of sharing this break in the busy day. So, what kind of things do we talk about? It could be anything. From work-related topics to what keeps us awake at night, or just relaying a story about something experienced earlier that week. It is a relaxed atmosphere in which people show interest in each other. Just like the lunch table at home, but with colleagues!

Your lunch?

Do you do anything special to keep your lunch breaks lively and exciting? We’d love to know, so please share with us!