Becoming a Booster: the stimulating challenge I was looking for

“So, could you potentially start next Monday?”, Gilles asked. Seven words that signified a life-changing moment, which I hadn’t even dreamed of two weeks earlier.

Tijmen Dalhuijsen

Coming to work at Innovation Booster was a radical change for me, in the best possible sense. After three years of being a freelance commercial photographer, I had started toying with the idea of entering the business world to open up my career options. While exploring the possibilities, I contacted a few companies that looked interesting. The very first one I spoke with was Innovation Booster and, to my delight, I instantly fell in love with their proposition. As soon as I learned exactly what Innovation Booster does and how that task is approached, I was sold. What should have been a no-strings-attached chat (at least in my mind), led to the exact thing  I wanted to do in the years to come.

At Innovation Booster I get to work on longer projects, with great colleagues, the security of being on the pay-roll and enjoy a fantastic company culture. Everything is new, exciting and tremendously energizing. And that’s exactly what I want to talk about: the stimulating environment. This is the result of two things combined. The first is the radically different way of working (to me, at least) and application of a whole new methodology. The second is the different kind of responsibility, which I did not experience in my previous work. It’s no accident that these two aspects strengthen each other and help Boosters to achieve the best they can.

A unique working method                                                                                                                                                                                                               

As Bart, one of Innovation Booster’s founders, rightfully points out in his article Business innovation insights from a 12-year-old car lover; “applying Agile Scrum, Lean Startup, and other ways of working that are in vogue can feel overly trendy at times”. What Innovation Booster has done instead is to gather various aspects from these models and develop a completely unique new methodology called Entrepreneurial Innovation, which is definitely bigger than the sum of its parts!

At Innovation Booster we use a vast array of tools that we have created, imitated and emulated (Read more about our tools in this article: The Excitement Curve). During my very first week of employment I was made fully familiar with the company and how we do what we do: Unleash the future of organizations, together. The matter of how we transform companies can best be seen as a guideline, rather than a fixed set of steps to follow. The tools we use are broad in their approach to the situations we face and, as such, can be adapted to any situation. This means two things: firstly, that there’s no right or wrong way to use them, and secondly, that there is a high level of agency to using them.

As a Booster, this means that each day I have to be conscious about thinking as an entrepreneur. Being flexible in conjunction with applying Entrepreneurial Innovation is the key to success and the way to change a large company from within. Navigating the workplace with our offbeat (but effective) way of working requires a lot from a Booster in terms of being responsive to changing circumstances, but also means we have a stimulating environment to work in.

My experience so far can best be summed up by the word “astonishment”. I am constantly surprised by the impact our way of working has given the seemingly simple tools we use. And, honestly, I am glad they are as effective as they are, because starting your job as a new Booster is not necessarily easy!

Entrepreneurial Innovation

Freedom & Responsibility

I will happily admit that this job is one of the hardest things I have ever done. The learning curve is not just steep, it’s dizzyingly steep. This, in part, stems from what I talked about earlier: as a Booster you have an incredible amount of independence in the way you shape your work. On paper, that is something almost every twenty-something year old is looking for in their job – and I can’t say I was any different. While it is absolutely great to be able to create and mold your work in a way that works for you, it is also very demanding (in a good way).

Wielding this responsibility is both the best and scariest thing about working at Innovation Booster. On the one hand it means a great opportunity to learn and continuously develop, because you are faced with new and different problems every day. On the other it means that mistakes are inevitably made and that you wonder why you took a job that is this challenging.

Personally, I really like this approach, as I can’t imagine learning more in such a short time span. Never have I encountered as many challenges, each different than the other. It forces you to be nimble, to improvise, and to constantly step out of your comfort zone.

Whether this empowers you or pulls you down is up to you. But if you embrace it, then you’d better buckle up, because you are headed on a rocket ship to Mars.

Could you also become a Booster?           

Are you intrigued by the idea of working at Innovation Booster and want to find out if it’s for you?