Innovation Booster opens in New York

[Press release] Amsterdam, July 9, 2018 Innovation Booster – an innovation specialist that teaches major businesses sustainable innovation – is opening a branch in New York.

After extensive study and market research, Innovation Booster has taken the plunge, crossed the Atlantic and can now offer its services to large companies on the East Coast of America. These clients are generally large, results-oriented businesses with a hierarchical structure – precisely the type of business that Innovation Booster’s innovation-based approach aims to help. The company already has clients in Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, the Czech Republic, the United States, Switzerland and in Greece, where offices were opened last year.

Anthony Meyer zu Schlochtern, CEO and co-founder of Innovation Booster, explains: ‘We bring the latest developments from Europe. In Silicon Valley the focus is on rapid growth, which often involves taking enormous risks. Things are generally more conservative on the East Coast, with a greater focus on changing people’s mindset and their attitude to innovation, as a precursor for success. That’s our speciality. I am also looking forward to an interesting race with the competition, because as yet there is no single dominant competitor.’

Opening the new branch was no impulsive move: the first steps were taken in 2016, when the company quickly managed to build up a successful network. In 2017 the decision was made to go ahead, and Innovation Booster was given the opportunity to do the same work for one of its major clients in New York as it had done in the Netherlands.

Zu Schlochtern continues: ‘ “Think big” is the advice we give to our clients, and the same applies to us. Walk the talk, as they say in the US. Expansion to America is an enormous challenge, as all companies in our position are swamped with regulations and limitations. Setting up shop there is like wading through treacle. But that part’s done now, and we are feeling good about the future. The US offers a world of opportunity.’

Now that the New York office is a reality, Innovation Booster is already looking further afield. Asia would be a good third option to follow Europe and America. Things need to go well in the US first, however. Zu Schlochtern adds: ‘To us, the US office is a dream come true. But ultimately what matters is what we do: how we can use our wealth of practical experience to help our clients. That experience now also includes setting up offices outside the Netherlands, so I think our next international expansion will go much more smoothly.’

Many organisations struggle with innovation-oriented business. Innovation Booster helps them using their own original method, titled ‘Entrepreneurial Innovation for Enterprises’. The approach is aimed specifically at generating concrete value for businesses, and firmly embedding innovation into the company’s ‘DNA’ for the long term. The demand for innovative entrepreneurship is so high that since its founding six years ago, Innovation Booster has each year doubled its turnover and the number of employees.

For more information, please contact Anthony or Roos, Lead Innovation Booster US, but you can also plan a coffee with one of us!