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Case: Onlia (Achmea)

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Achmea International operates through OpCo’s in different parts of Europe and Australia . One of the focus areas of these OpCo’s at the moment is creating and executing digital propositions by using direct and online channels. An example of such a service is offered by the OpCo Union in Slovakia, under the brand name ‘Onlia’.

“The Slovakian’ customer is the product designer” – Onlia

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Achmea International and the OpCo Union (Onlia) have the wish to further explore the property insurance market in Slovakia by developing a strong digital proposition and to obtain a good product-market fit in a fast changing property insurance market.

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This is done with the local team that has to obtain and use the ‘Entrepreneurial Innovation’ Method (Agile Scrum, Lean Startup, Design Thinking) to challenge the current way of working and to create a perfect product-market fit in Slovakia market..

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“By working with a multidisciplinary team, we created and validated a new proposition in just 2 months that perfectly fits the needs of the customer.”




17 offline experiments and 8 online



30 employees engaged and 4 employees empowered



146 potential customers were spoken, new online property insurance product