With the development and distribution of teaching materials Noordhoff has been successful for years. But the world is changing rapidly and Noordhoff asked us to develop new products / services together in multidisciplinary teams.

“Getting in touch with the customer directly creates more valuable propositions.”

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We introduced a new way of working by putting the customer in a central perspective. From that perspective, we explored the opportunities in the market.

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Realizing an innovation project in which Noordhoff becomes a more viable organization. We did this by exploring the market and act towards that what we see. During this new business project, Innovation Booster worked closely with 2 teams within the organization.

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“By working with a multidisciplinary team, we created and validated a new proposition in just 2 months that perfectly fits the needs of the customer.”




With online experiments we reached 8.000+ people The new proposition was tested with 200+ respondents




80+ employees engaged in our methodology Entrepreneurial Innovation



Future Value

Feasibility study for 2 concepts