Making Innovation Work

By 16 augustus 2017Updates

Vision on the craftmanship of Innovation

by Anthony Meyer zu Schlochtern


Everybody talks about it and everybody tries to do it, but where do we see the actual business results? After 5 years of pioneering in the field of innovation we would like to share the following key insights for making innovation work within enterprises.

Vision should lead to focused ambition
What does the world look like in 10 years? Nobody knows! To be able to point out and really understand what could the next big thing is a field of study in itself. Trying to understand and see what is coming at you in detail is a profession in its own right. Yet, the start of a serious innovation strategy starts here. The most important question within this vision is the question which clarifies the ambition: Who do you want to be and for whom?

Methodology should empower the mindset of talented individuals in this ambition
An innovation methodology is often seen as the holy grail to make innovation work. What organizations often forget, however, is that it really is about getting the right people and developing the right mindset. These, rather than the methodology, help to pursue the set ambition, A methodology is only a tool to get this mindset into the individual’s system. In our perspective the right mindset could be expressed as: “I can proof, with facts, that my innovation initiative is going to bring money to the table and if I cannot do this, I will find a way!”

Governance should support these individuals in creating a winning team culture
When the arrow is aimed at the target and the arc is at tension all we have to focus on is clearing the way. Do this by bringing rhythms into place, setting business goals, managing ego’s and by evaluating and compensating in ways which are effective. Innovation governance should not be about creating structures to keep control, but about facilitating teams to flow. This is what it takes to create a real winning innovation culture.

Winning teams should lead to money making machines
Focus on the ambition, let the rhythm flow and proof to yourself and the world around you that you are capturing real future value. After all: hobbies cost money while businesses earn it.


Innovation Booster in short


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