KPN connects. The KPN Inhome team develops WiFi products and services for consumers at home. Unfortunately, customers can experience WiFi problems that are commonly addressed by a KPN mechanic, expensive and often unnecessary. In collaboration with Innovation Booster, KPN tested whether a ‘Do it Yourself’ service would be a valuable alternative for both the customer and KPN.

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KPN wanted to validate the business model and process flow of the ‘Do it Yourself’ service. KPN needed data to support that the service contributes profitably to a high(er) Net Promoter Score and thus customer retention among different customer profiles.

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 By means of a pilot, Innovation Booster realised an accelerated validation of the service. The ‘Do it Yourself’ prototype was tested with over 200 KPN customers. Innovation Booster also designed an optimised process flow and advised on how to scale up the concept iteratively.

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“The project and the insights give KPN a lot of perspective to get started”




Over 250 KPN customers involved




Pilot Project started to implement new business proposition



Future Value

Validated business case and increased Net Promoter Score