Evides Waterbedrijf aims to strengthen her position in a fast changing world. Evides Waterbedrijf (water supplying corporation), The goal is to continue with and improve the engagement of both existing and new clients as well as unlock the full potential of the talent within the organization. In collaboration with Innovation Booster we set up the fundamentals to explore this new way of working and thinking.

Evides provides water solutions, reliable and innovative. The organization realizes the world undergoes constant change, as do the customers’ needs. They want insights and transparency. Technological development is ongoing and local water supplies are becoming more common. In addition, Evides must remain flexible in this changing world and keep the organization running optimally.

Evides wishes to engage its clients as a sustainable and innovative watercompany with novelty products that meet clients needs. To achieve this, we reap the benefits of human capital present in our organization. To make use of all talent and internal strengths we created 3 multidisciplinary teams. Each team worked on their own challenge according to a tailor-made innovation process designed to tackle these challenges at a greatly accelerated pace.

By working as an entrepreneurial innovator and taking the customer needs as a starting point we achieved amazing results in just 10 weeks. The mentality changed from we know to we assume, and experiments were designed to validate these assumptions. With a new social rhythm, extensive knowledge sharing and new ways of working, we demonstrated how much fun it is to turn an idea into a real product or service in such a short time.

Together we completed one full innovation accelerator where 3 teams concluded with a product or service proposal. All proposals for a product or service found a sponsor within the company for the next phase of development. The learnings of this Innovation Accelerator are incorporated into a strategy for innovation for the upcoming years which will grow and scale in the future.