High costs of failure in the construction market are partially caused by inefficient coordination between the involved stakeholders


The entire construction chain is in need of transparency and wants to rely on the overall costs, savings and outcomes. External market forces are, among other things, big data, chain-integration, industrialization, sustainability and DBFMO. In this heavily changing landscape, Technische Unie is searching for new business models that provide new value to constructors and contractors.


The following activities were executed to reach our objectives:

  1. A team has been assembled to discuss the outcomes of short sprints during the project
  2. A Customer Journey is mapped to analyse important stakeholders’ pains
  3. By having conversations with key clients and important stakeholders, pains are validated on different touch points in the customer journey
  4. The team learned how to work as an entrepreneurial innovator: validating customer pains and relevant solutions through different experimentations.
  5. A training is given to key account managers aimed at understanding the new way of working and to learn how to sell the MVP to key clients


After just two months, this resulted in:

  1. Clear overview of all the possible logistic solutions with measured added value that will contribute to serve more customers in future.
  2. A plan how pilots have to run together with key clients to measure the benefits of the logistics solutions on an equal base in 2017.
  3. Plans to scale the new way of working within the organization.