This case illustrates how Nuon and Innovation Booster have joined forces to explore and test new solutions for the B2C market within a rapidly changing environment. It demonstrates that it is possible to build and validate a concept that customers really desire in just three months by deploying our methodology ‘entrepreneurial innovation’.


The utility industry is subject to major changes. Peer-to-peer networks are developing at fast pace, making the world less dependent on centralized energy suppliers. Also, the shift towards renewables is in full effect and electricity prices are declining. This puts the traditional commodity business model under pressure and has sparked Nuon to look for opportunities in new directions, but how?


To answer this, Innovation Booster closely cooperated with practitioners from business development and strategy in the following activities:

  • An exploration to take a look into the future of the industry and new customer needs based on (technological) trends
  • Ideation sessions resulting in multiple concepts that were scoped by the future exploration
  • Getting out of the building to gather insights in people’s daily lives and their pains and needs
  • Rapid testing of over 10 different concepts through online and offline experiments
  • Frequent updates and workshops for various teams throughout the organization to share learnings and to instill curiosity for this new ­way of working


After just three months, this joint effort resulted in:

  • A showcase of how ‘entrepreneurial innovation’ can lead to a validated business model within a short time
  • A prototype ready to be piloted with 40 households
  • Increased awareness and enthusiasm amongst key parts of the organization about the value of customer centric innovation