PIB Halve Maen

By 18 January 2017Updates

On December 6, 2016 the signing of the Partners for International Business (PIB) covenant ‘Halve Maen’ took place at B.Amsterdam. Innovation Booster is one of the partners in this convenant.

With the Half Moon it will be like in the time of Henry Hudson, networking and trading in New York. But this time for Dutch startups in ICT and creative industries wishing to enter the US market (with a focus on New York). And for US startups that want to enter the European market.


The focus is on creating a bridge between the Netherlands and New York, for SMEs with international ambitions for growth within the ICT and creative industries.

Participating companies

The companies that are part of Halve Maen are:

B. Amsterdam

Startup Amsterdam

Innovation Booster



The Cirqle

instant Magazine

The cooperation partners in New York are The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and the Brooklyn Law School. B. Amsterdam is secretary of the cluster.


This three-year PIB agreement has three main goals:

Creating a strong local network, including mentoring network for Dutch companies, government and research institutions.

Delivering solid contribution to the strategy and implementation of the first phase of market introduction.

Creating an ultimate landing spot and associated network. Providing strategic insight into the opportunities for Dutch businesses.


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