This case describes how times have changed within the respected and established family company: Louwman. How collaborating with Innovation Booster has kickstarted a culture that works fór the strategy, developed massive business results within a short timeframe and left a new strategy for digital innovation.


For a long time, the automotive industry has been very successful with a traditional, mostly offline business model. However in that state, Louwman was unable to meet changing customer needs, especially when it comes to digital and valuable services. Next to this, the various business units within the company hardly collaborated with each other. This raised the question: how can we identify the implicit needs of our customers in order to deliver value? How should we work, organize, learn? How can we measure the business value of a new way of working?


In order to answer these questions, Innovation Booster executed the following activities:

  • Collaborated with 7 teams throughout the organization. Each team worked on a digital business challenge for 2 months.
  • The teams learned how to work as an entrepreneurial innovator: validating customer pains and relevant solutions through experimentation.
  • The teams experimented with social milestones, creative spaces and new ways of working.
  • Internal learnings demonstrated what works when accelerating innovation within the organization.


Bottom line, Innovation booster delivered the following results:

  • An ecosystem in which colleagues validate, collaborate and learn.
  • Business value per innovation team: direct sales, new leads and new digital propositions.
  • A few months later, the new way of working has scaled within the organization, resulting in the completion of at least 80 digital challenges.