The banking sector is changing in a high pace, something that Van Lanschot Bankiers recognizes in its day-to-day business. In order to stay ahead of the competition Innovation Booster implemented the Entrepreneurial Innovation methodology together with Van Lanschot Bankiers in its Customer Experience team.


Nowadays, consumers demand more and more in the interaction with their service providers; the companies delivering the newest and best customer interaction are setting the tone. The private banking department of Van Lanschot Bankiers was struggling to keep up and stay ahead in this continuous race for delivering the best Customer Experience possible.

Innovation Booster’s Objective:

  • Structurally improve the Customer Experience of the private banking department by collaborating with the Customer Experience team
  • Transfer the process knowledge to customer experience empowering them to use this in the future, using Entrepreneurial Innovation for Enterprises principles
  • Show the whole organization how simple, effective and fun innovation can be.


The following activities were executed to reach our objectives:

  • Customer Journey mapping and analysis, involving the stakeholders of the different touch points throughout the organization;
  • Ideate, prioritize and select initiatives that could possibly improve the Customer Journey;
  • Test initiatives on a very small scale to understand their value using the Lean Startup methodology;
  • Scale, develop and embed the most valuable initiatives into the organization in collaboration with key stakeholders;
  • Share successes and new way of working throughout the whole organization by using relevant Milestones.


With an empowered and excited Customer Experience Team, Van Lanschot Bankier is now enabled to continuously improve their Customer Experience in this fast-paced world. Multiple initiatives have been implemented and are well received by Van Lanschot’s clients. Finally, the new way of working we created together with the Customer Experience team, is now being scaled within the organization. To be continued!