In January 2015 we started a project together with Veenman, a Xerox company, that eventually resulted in an entire new business unit called Innoprint. This case truly characterizes the kind of problem that we as Innovation Booster generally solve, how we iterate towards solutions and what these solutions look like.


Veenman is a company known for its rich history in printing and office solutions, but was facing a declining marketspace and therefore an uncertain future. The printing industry, having used the same business model for decades, is suffering from a decrease in printing volumes. At the same time, the awareness is growing that the market is moving towards Integrated Document Management (IDM): the anyplace/anytime reception, management and delivery of information. Hence, consumer demand is not limited to only printing in itself. It is obvious that the business model was up for revision. The question is: What should replace it? And what are the first steps to take?

Innovation Booster’s Objective:

  • Create, test and implement a new proposition and business model;
  • Excite the company for innovation.


The following activities were executed to reach our objectives:

  • Set a future landscape and ambition for the market in which Veenman is operating;
  • Identify and validate pains and gains in the current market;
  • Ideate, prioritize and select ideas that could fit a future business model;
  • Test ideas on a very small scale to understand their value using the Lean Startup methodology;
  • Scale, develop and embed the most valuable initiatives into the organization;
  • Share successes and new way of working throughout the whole organization using Milestones


We delivered a turnkey business case including a toolkit with instructions on how to realize the transformation and execution process. This enabled Veenman to not only implement the new product within the organization, but also to embed the innovative spirit in the company’s culture.

Innoprint started in March 2016 with a pilot in a number of Bruna shops. After half a year, Innoprint can be found in multiple locations throughout the Netherlands.

Innovation Booster is proud to see the recent performance of Innoprint, which led to being awarded the Benelux Office Product 2016. Needless to say, we are avid users of the Innoprint solution ourselves.