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Innovation Booster is committed to empowering businesses to better their performance and profitability. We never stand still, neither do our successful clients. Check out the latest news, learnings and information from the Booster world.

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Getting to know the value of new technologies

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Business results in 60 days and celebrating with champagne.. We are shaping the future of tourism with voice technology! Curious about what we’ve learned along the way?

About us

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In every industry, innovation is vital for success. We will propel you through the optimal trajectory for maximum impact. All the way. Together.

What we do

Devising emergent strategies that remain relevant through time

Achieving the very best results, through every point in an initiative’s lifecycle, takes more than well-reasoned thinking. It requires a future-proof strategy that’s informed and agile enough to remain relevant with every new insight.

At Innovation Booster, we’re continually exploring the fused paths of market trends, societal shifts and your company’s line of direction. We’ll arm you with evidence-based insights which illuminate every step along the way. Not just tomorrow, but well into the future.

Future Vision

Revolutionizing the ways to captivate and reach your target audience

Client and customer wants’ and needs’ never stand still. Neither do the technological advances which enable you to satisfy them. Staying on top of your game means continually evolving with both in mind.

Innovation Booster brings you closer to your target audience and to the technology that enhances your processes. Together, we’ll continually re-explore what excites and motivates your customers. We inspire to create new ideas at every company level, so you can provide products and services that remain desirable, whatever the future brings.

Build Measure Learn

Embedding entrepreneurial behavior that instinctively pursues success

We know how to build and sustain our own innovative culture and we’re ready to do this with you. Our offices in Athens and New York are clear cut examples of how we have embedded entrepreneurial innovation internationally; how will we do this for you?

Effective, profitable innovation only happens when everybody pulls together. Success is a result of actions, not words. Through cooperating with Innovation Booster, you will get the right mindset embedded in your workforce’s hearts and minds, discover your organization’s DNA and establish an optimal innovation rhythm.

We believe every individual needs an intrinsic motivation that connects with your ambition. This culture goes further than standardized scripts that instruct your employees on how to think or act. If you want people to drive your ideas forward, you need to understand what motivates them.

Direction Purpose, Safety & Interaction, Empowerment & Support, Decisiveness & Quantification


Challenge every aspect. Explore every possibility. Shatter old boundaries.

If you want to remain relevant in a disruptive business environment, you need to break out of your established boundaries and shatter old habits. Innovation Booster empowers you to do just that by challenging every aspect of your organization’s strategies, operations and culture. As well as exploring every possibility for reshaping them to deliver maximum business impact.

Learn more about our methodology

Adding unique value to

established techniques

How do we do it? We use accelerators, design sprints, digital transformation, agile, design thinking, lean startup and whatever new “trend” that arrives on the block. But we’re smarter than that.
With full appreciation of all these techniques and methodologies, we’ve created our own unique methodology, ‘Entrepreneurial Innovation for Enterprises’. It enables us to test every aspect of your organization’s qualities and opportunities.

Staying with you,

all the way

We’re not going to stop there. While other consultants will gracefully say their goodbyes at this point, leaving you with a report and best wishes for seeing it through, we are committed to completing our job.

We’ll continue to work together with you, either as an infectious enthusiastic coach or more as project or program lead that is embedded in your company, to ensure you’ll stay on the right track. Constantly reviewing your route to ensure an everlasting optimal trajectory, this is what we aim for!

Building long-term relationships is a feat we are not only proud of, but also good at, both on a national and international level. This is why we have decided to continually explore other parts of the world, we’ll follow you or meet you there!

Our people

It takes extraordinary people to identify and bring about the Innovative Transformation that catapults your business towards its’ exciting new future. The Innovation Booster team is comprised out of exceptional individuals who we’ve hand-picked for having the right mindset, talent and passion to wholly deliver and execute our mission. “Boosters” don’t follow a single mould or origin, we’re looking for enthusiastic and internationally oriented individuals who are ready to innovate with us.