Our Business Innovation Methodology

Specialists in making innovation work

Innovation Booster specializes in making innovation work within your company. We help decision-makers in large and medium enterprises transform innovation in a money making machine. We help them engage the full creative and entrepreneurial potential of their employees, and prioritize, initiate and execute business innovation and innovation transformation. And we have the clients and cases to prove it.

How we do it

Our methodology encompasses three distinct phases: Explore, Experiment, Execute.

Explore: Together we set the vision and mission to find the scope of the challenge(s).

Experiment: Through experimentation we identify and validate the (new) customer segment, their problem and the channel through which to best reach these customers. We create and test a number of solutions that can solve the customers’ problem. Finally, we identify the best approach in launching your business opportunity.

Execute: Launch & scale up your solution in the market and refine through continuous learning.