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20170915 Barend

How to build an innovation strategy

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If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment, you know how difficult it can be to balance optimized exploitation with innovative exploration. With some luck, your company has a corporate ‘innovation lab’, an internal incubator or an accelerator to solve this struggle. However, chances are the ROI in innovation is still low. You invest time, money and energy in creative sessions and iterations, but the ideas just never make it to the marketplace. One of the problems you might have is a lack of Innovation Strategy. Here’s a quick overview of what such a strategy is and a quick explanation on how to build one.

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20170927 Case Onlia

Case: Onlia (Achmea)

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Achmea International operates through OpCo’s in different parts of Europe and Australia . One of the focus areas of these OpCo’s at the moment is creating and executing digital propositions by using direct and online channels. An example of such a service is offered by the OpCo Union in Slovakia, under the brand name ‘Onlia’.
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20170816 News Blog Tony

Making Innovation Work

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Vision on the craftmanship of Innovation

by Anthony Meyer zu Schlochtern


Everybody talks about it and everybody tries to do it, but where do we see the actual business results? After 5 years of pioneering in the field of innovation we would like to share the following key insights for making innovation work within enterprises. Read More

20170726 Case KPN inhome

Case: KPN In Home

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KPN connects. The KPN Inhome team develops WiFi products and services for consumers at home. Unfortunately, customers can experience WiFi problems that are commonly addressed by a KPN mechanic, expensive and often unnecessary. In collaboration with Innovation Booster, KPN tested whether a ‘Do it Yourself’ service would be a valuable alternative for both the customer and KPN.
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